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En101 is a Proud Green Company!

In this new changing world, we face some really tough challenges. Our home, Mother Earth, is in dire need of our help. And to help out, we must take action NOW. We, as the inhabitants of this earth, must do our part in conserving energy, recycling, and most of all reducing human waste such as petroleum products, paper disposal, and carbon monoxide production from our vehicles.

Greenhouse gasses are rising substantially everyday and we can help by simply cutting back on what we throw away and disperse into the atmosphere. We still have a chance to turn this planet around. There are millions of people out there already contributing to the cause.

It is simply our job to undo what we have done to the planet that has gifted us with life. We can all start playing a role in the solution.

This is why we are very proud to be the first Internet Marketing company to show true commitment to Mother Earth.

En101 is a TRUE Green Company.

Our goal has become two-fold:
  1. Help to bring the world closer together through the awesome power of language.
  2. Pledge our commitment to the people of the world by contributing our part back to Mother Earth.
En101 is not like other companies. We are a virtual company!

Which means...

NO "Solid" Products

Plastic and glass bottles are constantly stacking up in this world. Factories produce tons and tons of plastic and glass bottles every day. Think about how many natural resources are used to produce all of these bottles and containers, only to eventually be put back into the earth in landfills. More and more landfills are popping up all over the world to accommodate all this waste that is being produced. They too are producing carbon dioxide and methane gas (a powerful greenhouse gas). We have to take action now!

With En101, the products are virtual, meaning there are no petroleum products, no human waste, and no more pollution added to the atmosphere. Now that's helping to improve Mother Earth!

NO Diesel or Carrier Shipping

With all the demands for the thousands of different products out there, there must be some way to bring them to your doorstep. That's right, shipping! Trains, cargo ships, planes, carriers, and the dreaded diesel truck are among the highest forms of pollution on this planet, releasing tons and tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day, polluting the very oxygen that we need to survive.

Again, En101's products are virtual, which means there is no shipping! Not only that, but you have access to your product immediately after you enroll. So there is no waiting on all those delivery vehicles!

So enroll in En101 today and join a company that boasts its commitment to Mother Earth. Let's make this planet a much safer place for us and our children.

Join En101 today!

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